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Here at Speednet Scotland we are running our own initiative to combat the slow internet speeds that many of residential Scotland currently has. It is not just in rural areas that problems are present.  These issues are also found in alot of built up areas in Scotland and are suffering from crippling speeds of 2mb or less. As a result of this our economy could experience real problems in the future. It is our mission to provide improved broadband regardless of your location. We are working alongside MP’s and councillors to tackle this widespread issue head on. We are already succeeding with our own strategies and will continue to replace inadequate and ageing landline infrastructures with our new wireless broadband services.

Dissatisfied with the premise of speeds which are never delivered from your current provider ?
Too far from your nearest exchange, in a rural area, interested in a new way to get broadband ?

Don’t worry because Speednet Scotland can provide you with a fast and reliable broadband service that we’re sure you’ll be delighted with. We are able to provide our customers with wireless broadband regardless of many logistical and exchange related problems. Through our wireless technology we are able to reach out to customers in even the most remote locations with up to 40mb speeds. Very often prior to knowing about us our customers did not even have any internet access at all. At present we have coverage over the majority of Ayrshire. We have residential broadband networks running throughout Ayrshire and who knows you may even have one of ours close by and not even realise. You may not have heard of our company before or be aware of the technology that we use.

The difference between ourselves and other technologies is that we offer fixed point to point wireless communications that are not dependant upon landlines, dongles or any satellites. These alternatives can be more costly and significantly less effective, especially in remote areas. There are very good reasons why we have not adopted any of these telephony methods. Your Speednet Scotland receiver will directly communicate in a line of sight relay with our transmitters or relay stations feeding your area. We offer contention ratios of 20-1 rather than the general 50-1 of national ISP’s. In essence this means your speeds are far less affected by other users online, especially during peak times. Should you require any further information or wish to have a free site survey analysis then visit our request a site survey page.

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