Fault Finder

We monitor our network connections continually every 30 minutes however should you experience connection problems, below is your basic fault finding sequence. Please follow the instructions below carefully prior to contacting us.

  1. Ensure that there is power to your radio device (power supply has small green light indicating power is on, if light is not on check fuse in plug).
  1. If using an internal wireless router, try switching it off and on to reboot. If that does not help, unplug your network cable from it and connect cable from Speednet POE devices Lan port direct to your PC or Laptop ethernet port. Do not use the router reset button as this may result in loss or re-configuration of your existing settings.
    How do I check that I am getting an ip address from the radio device?
    1. On your computer go to Start…all programs…accessories…command prompt
    2. Click where curser is flashing and type ipconfig/all (then press enter to show ip address)
    3. Example of an ethernet adapter ip address is (last numbers after 168 will vary)
  1. Try to ping Google by going to command prompt and typing
  1. Lastly, remove your ethernet cable from your router and trace the wire back to your point of entry, checking for signs of water damage.

Speednet email address configuration
account name ——- full email address i.e someone@speednetscotland.net
password ——– your email password
pop server —— pop.1and1.co.uk
smtp server ——- auth.smtp.1and1.co.uk
outgoing server requires authenication
log on using ——— full email address
password ——– your email password

If this does not get to the route of any problem feel free to call our support team on 08000 124298 who will be happy to assist you.

Should you request an engineer to visit you and it is determined that any fault is the liability of Speednet Scotland then the call out will be totally free. If it is determined that any fault is not as a direct result of the actions of Speednet Scotland then we will administer an engineer call out charge of £75 per hour.

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