What is Speednet Scotland Broadband ?

Speednet Scotland Broadband is a pioneering fixed point wireless service specifically reaching out to the rural communities of Ayrshire and beyond. It works using local access points such as transmitters, stations, and relay points. We collaborate with local businesses, farmers or private land owners to transmit a network of wireless signals across the area to offer a fast and reliable broadband service.

Our wireless links are transmitted through these local access points and is received through a reciever module, which is mounted to a suitable high point on your property.

Once an access point has been positioned in a community, it provides homes and businesses with a reliable connection to the internet with speeds of up to 40Mb.

What broadband speeds can we deliver ?

We can deliver standard speeds of between 10 – 40mb for residential customers. Speeds can vary with location and signal quality.  We may be able to provide faster speeds than 40mb depending on the location. Operating range and data throughput of wireless communication are dependent on terrain, foliage and background RF energy, amongst other conditions. Before installation, a physical and radio frequency site survey is carried out to take these factors into account. The survey is free of charge. We will not bring you on as a new customer unless we are 100% fully satisfied with the new links performance.

Can we reach your area ?

We are continually working to expand our network to meet demand so, if your area isn’t listed in our planned coverage areas, don’t worry, the best thing to do is to register your interest with our team. Make sure you tell your friends and neighbours in your area to register too, this will build up the demand and ensure we’re made aware that your area needs us.

What are "down" and "up" speeds ?

The download speed refers to how fast the data can be transferred from the internet to your computer, while the upload speed refers to how fast the data can transfer from your computer to the internet

What is our installation charge

Standard installation is £150 plus VAT. This allows for the receiver module and standard bracket to be fixed to the property plus your internal router to be set up and configured. Should any site survey reveal external or internal reception problems then additional work and equipment may be needed which would be priced separately.

Please note that if you cancel your service and then wish to reconnect, there is a £75 plus VAT reconnection fee.

Who carries out the installation and how long does it take ?

On average your installation will take between 1-3 hours depending on its complexity. We have a team of our own fully trained expert engineers who will come and install the service for you.

Do I need a large antenna or unsightly dish on the side of my property ?

No, don’t worry, you don’t need a huge antenna or satellite dish outside your home to use our Broadband ! A small white rectangular box approximately (20cm x 8cm) goes on the outside of your house, called a subscriber module. Compact and discreet in design, the subscriber module can be easily fixed to the property with no disruption, allowing you instant access to the internet.

Do you provide email addresses ?

Yes we can provide you with a free speednet Scotland email account.

Do you provide a wireless router as part of the install ?

Yes, we provide you with a wifi router.

Is there a limitation on downloads ?

There is no specific set limit. However a fair usage policy does apply so where excessive use results in other users receiving a reduced level of service, Speednet Scotland Broadband will discuss the issue with the user involved. This may result in a reduced bandwidth for the user, higher charges for using the service, an agreement to use the service outside of peak times or a disconnection of service.

Can I use my games console with Speednet Scotland broadband ?

Yes, our broadband can be used with all consoles and modern computers. There is no noticeable latency with an our broadband connection and the high available bandwidth makes it suitable for online gaming.

How does Speednet Scotland compare with other technologies ?

Our Broadband offers a number of distinct benefits over other technologies, such as satellite. In summary, it is more resilient, offers low latency, is more easily upgradeable and less expensive than other broadband services. No BT line is required and we also use lower contention ratios than other broadband providers, delivering you a faster connection. There are very good reasons why we do not use other telecommunication technologies.

What equipment do I need to subscribe ?

All you will need to provide is a PC with a standard Ethernet network card, and some web browsing software such as Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Our Broadband subscriber module takes a standard network cable (RJ45) which you can plug straight into your PC or network router. We supply you with all network cable.

What are your levels of support like ?

We pride ourselves on being small enough to care but also big enough to deliver. Our localised customer service is of paramount importance to the success of our business. Our office opening hours are Monday - Friday 9AM - 5PM, out with this time our service is monitored remotely. Should you require support we ask that you email reports@speednetscotland.net, log a support ticket or call us. If we are unable to speak with you at the time of your call please leave a voicemail with your name, address and the reason for your call.

What happens if there is a fault out of business hours ?

Faults within the system are automatically reported to our technicians every 30 minutes. Depending on the severity of the fault they will attend to the problem either immediately or the next working day, always within 24 hours.

Do you charge a call out fee if there is a problem ?

No, but if one of our technicians is called to investigate a problem that a customer is experiencing and the problem is not related to the Speednet Scotland Broadband service, a fee of £75 plus VAT per hour will be charged.

What is the latency with the equipment we use ?

1-10 milliseconds.

What is the power output of the receiver ?

Approximately 0.5watts.

What frequencies do our systems operate on ?

2.4GHz and 5.4 GHz

What sort of cable will be used ?

Standard ethernet CAT5 cable.

Where is client data stored ?

This is held on secure servers and is not accessible to parties other than Speednet Scotland.

Is data encrypted over the system ?

Standard levels of encryption apply. You will be equipped with a secure password for your SSID. Should you wish to transmit data that is sensitive then you should use a program to encrypt the data to a level that you are satisfied with.

Require assistance ? Contact us free on 08000 124298 or by email reports@speednetscotland.net

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