Our engineers are fully insured and qualified to complete your installation swiftly and without any disturbance to your interior or exterior structure.

The external receiver is mounted to a suitable high point on your building, giving you access to the service via a line of sight to one of our local transmitters or 360 degree relay stations. Our engineer will then hard wire a network cable into your home, creating the main access point for our pre-configured wireless router.

Our broadband will then go live and you will be receiving your allocated download speed. We optimise your connection remotely within the first 48 hours of service. Installation time is generally 1-2 hours depending on the complexity. You can then relax and enjoy all your digital devices with your new and improved browsing speeds.

Our cancellation period for residential customers is 30 days notice. If you then wish to reconnect the service, this can be completed by one of our engineers and a £75 plus VAT reconnection fee is payable. Please note that if equipment has been moved or damaged there may be additional charges in order to reconnect the service if repairs or replacements are required.

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