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Broadband speed doesn’t need to be restricted to the limitations of existing infrastructure or location. We bypass this to send it through the air instead. We realise this technology will be new to most of you and we can fully understand like with anything new, you may have some questions. We have very successfully operated our own fixed point telecommunication services for the past 19 years.

Speednet Scotland systems communicate between precise fixed points separated by a continual path through the atmosphere. The objective of our technology is primarily to connect high speed digital networks using powerful radio devices. The huge benefits of using our expertise include immense bandwidths previously only obtainable in built up areas. Our networks have a range of up to 50km and the performance of our networks do not diminish in the same way copper wiring does over a distance. We overcome the logistical and cost limitations of cable, fibre-optic, satellite, and leased-line systems.

The difference between Speednet Scotland and our competitors is that no matter what your location is our broadband speeds are not compromised like ground based landlines. At present you may be experiencing slow internet and are looking for answers. The main reasons for this will be the lack of availability on Fibre optic in your area, your distance from the local exchange, line length, it’s quality, how enabled your exchange is and how many users there are from it. We are completely unaffected by all these factors. No matter which of the national internet providers you have the option of choosing at present you will still be faced with the same problem. Speed is dependant on how your broadband reaches you. The vast majority of people still get broadband down a copper landline which is 150 year old technology.

Our wireless systems are not restrained by distance, weather, landlines or poorly enabled exchanges. We provide airborne broadband from an area that is achieving fast speeds and we send it directly to an area that is restricted. The milli-second speed efficiency is phenomenal and has very low latency in comparison to satellite broadband. We have Speednet Scotland network transmitters located in prime locations across the countryside. We hand pick our network mast locations strategically and they are always in high open terrain well above sea level. We use very similar technology to mobile phone companies but we have refined this to meet our customers needs by offering fixed wireless. Our mast’s will directly communicate with your own speednet receiver by using a clear line of site path between fixed points. As our business grows we are introducing more and more infrastructure to cope with the demand. Our unique systems can overcome any logistical landscape issue by working in unison via carefully positioned relay points.

We care about providing to small and rural areas and have not came across a situation to date where we could not supply vastly improved internet speeds to a restricted area. We have very specifically set out to target areas where we know there is poor landline services.

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