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Residential broadband & VoIP is subject to availability and site survey statistics. Speeds can vary with exact location and link quality. Our 4 tier speed tariff will ensure that you receive what you pay for. Speednet Scotland has broadband infrastructure situated in key points throughout the countryside. Operating range and data throughput of wireless bandwidth are dependant on terrain, foliage, obstructions and background RF energy. Before installation, a remote & physical radio frequency site survey is carried out to examine any prohibitive factors.

The survey is free of charge. Your exact address or preferably grid reference details will be required to examine the precise routing of our service to you. Please input all the relevant information in the form below and we will begin to carry out our analysis for your location. We will contact you with the results once we have completed our survey. Hover the cursor over your exact location on the map and obtain your grid reference info. Your longitude and latitude will be displayed at the top right hand corner of the map below.

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